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What we do & how we do it

A prestigious financial services recruitment firm located in Dubai. We specialise in delivering unparalleled services tailored to both discerning candidates and esteemed employers within the financial industry. With our extensive expertise and profound understanding of the market, we offer an array of comprehensive solutions meticulously crafted to cater to your unique requirements.

At Cordell Partners, we excel in Executive Search, meticulously identifying and attracting exceptional individuals for executive-level positions. Our team of dedicated recruiters possess a wealth of industry knowledge, enabling us to connect you with the most outstanding professionals who possess the skills and experience necessary to propel your organisation’s success.

Additionally, we provide Exclusive Contingent Recruitment, ensuring that we source the ideal candidates for a wide range of financial roles.

Whether you seek your next C-Suite leader or entry level candidates to fill critical vacancies, our extensive network and streamlined process enables us to identify and match the perfect talent to meet your organisations exacting standards.

Furthermore, Cordell Partners offers distinguished Cap Intro & Company Set Up services, assisting businesses in their growth and expansion strategies. We guide you through the intricate landscape of company formation, ensuring adherence to local regulations, and providing invaluable market insights to help you establish a commanding presence in the UAE.

As your partner of choice, we are devoted to providing you with unrivalled Market Insight & Benchmarking, materials. Empowering you to make informed decisions and remain ahead of the competition. Leveraging our team’s expertise in industry research and data analysis, we offer comprehensive market reports and insights, enabling you to discern prevailing trends, benchmark against industry standards, and make strategic choices that harmonise with your business objectives.

With Cordell Partners, you can expect bespoke attention, a results-oriented approach, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in financial recruitment. Contact us today to experience the epitome of exceptional service and elevate your organisation to new echelons of success within the dynamic realm of Financial Services in the Middle East.

The Cordell Partners Process

Each search, and every client is different for us at Cordell Partners. We listen to the pain points, we take the time, we get to know each and every stake holder / client / principal well before sending a shortlist. Culture and the correct personality fit is paramount for us in our endeavours to find the best people.

Cordell Partners want to provide an Executive Search Service without the cumbersome retainers and up front fees. Where relevant, we will, propose a “commitment fees” tailored and designed to that specials situation where it warrants it. – however these will be nowhere near the SHREK firms and will be by design and tailored to that special situation where it warrants it.

We would offer weekly tracking calls, we can put together global market maps, we use the best psychometric testing – where required – to make sure the talent you are onboarding from Cordell Partners is the very best in the market for that position at that time.

Executive Search

A retained Exec Search service with global market mapping, weekly consultative and progress calls and with almost complete certainty to fill your C-Suite position in your company.

Cordell Executive Search has been working retained mandates in the GCC since 2016, almost always a global search and selection process, mapping up to hundreds of potential candidates on the long list, working in partnership with the client to get down to a precise shortlist. Often we would utilize a psychometric testing method for a complete 360 selection process. Identify & execute the correct candidate for the Board, the C-Suite and the senior Executive to join your business.

Exclusive Contingent

A success based model of contingent recruitment aligned to junior and mid-level management roles.

Cordell Partners recruitment would request exclusivity for an increasingly sensitive sector in a relatively small marketplace. We would utilize our existing database, our market maps and present a shortlist of candidates at the earliest convenience to close your mid-market role in your company.


Cap Intro & Company Set Up

Cordell Partners have an extensive market network of Government Institutions, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity Funds, Family Offices etc. We can structure introductions and company set up for a full suite of service providers, regulators, lawyers, compliance providers as well as funds looking to invest in to establish and accelerate your business in the DIFC or the ADGM.  

Market Insight & Benchmarking

Cordell Partners can provide market intelligence reports, benchmarking exercises for your teams.

We would provide analytical research and data scraping from what can be global sources or local sources best suited and catered to you and your company. Cordell Partners can provide tailored salary guides and surveys / tailored benefits benchmarking / long term incentive planning, company road mapping and retention tools best suited to your company and the specific team.


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